Top tip! How to stand out after a job interview!

Remember snail mail? These days everyone uses Internet email and other platforms to communicate.

Yes, that’s fine, but I want to stand out.

Here’s one tip to help you stand out at the end of your job search. May I suggest to improve the quality? Make a big impact by writing a thank you note, addressing the interview, handwriting it with your business card inside, talking about the interview, and thanking you again for taking the time to make a small investment. can do.

If you really want to go above and beyond your competition, take a beautiful, colorful FedEx envelope, go to FedEx or another courier, and make sure to send the thank you note in the middle of the envelope at the end. recommend to. On the day of the interview.

So when you finish your interview, ask when this interview session will end.

Please make sure to pick up the luggage at the pier later. The envelope must be in their hands on the last day of the interview. This is a great way to get your name back in conversation. Once they have completed the interview, I will send a thank you letter to all my clients who have engaged with my services. Because that will increase my influence. I also want to thank them because I know how much they have invested in my services.

If you’re in a career transition and need guidance, coaching, or just advice, I’m here. I would be happy to speak with you. Visit me on LinkedIn and connect with me on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. My name is Martin Backlund. Executive Career Management Professional. I manage and promote the careers of senior executives around the world.

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