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Administrative support

Administrative support assists a department or organization. Duties expected include filing documents, answering phones, interacting with clients/customers, and assisting in business meetings. Job titles include office manager, general manager, receptionist, administrative assistant, etc.

public safety

Looking for a rewarding job where you can protect your community? A job in public safety is for you. Most commonly, working in the police department is an excellent way to work in public safety. Working as a firefighter, security guard, or prison guard is also a common position. These positions are readily available and provide ample training to qualified job seekers.

Human service

If you work in a welfare services position, your job is to provide services to the community, often helping those at risk and those in vulnerable situations. These jobs include case managers, child services, social workers, counselors, trauma specialists, rehabilitation specialists, and others. If you have a background in any of these fields and are looking for a way to advance your career, finding a government role will give you more training, the financial security and financial security you need to feel safe working. You can get the base

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Where can I find government jobs in Washington DC?

Here are the best online resources for finding government jobs today.

Careers in Government

The best online sources for government job-related content are: www.CareersInGovernment.com. Here you can find actively hiring Washington DC government jobs. Using Careers In Government is easy, just enter your desired location in the search bar and select ‘Find Jobs’. From there, all available positions within the specified location will be displayed. Each job is labeled when posted, and results can be filtered based on location, category, and job title. Create an account with Careers In Government, complete your user profile and start applying for jobs today. The site also offers a wealth of career-related advice and content to help you learn more about working in government and stay up to date.

Whether you’re looking for a government job in Miami or Portland, Government Careers is the perfect resource for job seekers.

USA jobs

The official website for federal job vacancies is: www.USAJobs.gov. The site offers a large number of open positions in nearly every department and sector within the Washington DC government. It’s a great resource, but it’s so informative that it may not be as easy to navigate as other recruiting resources. Be aware of jobs that are not open for posting. USA Jobs is the official government platform and contains a mix of job listings and open job listings available only to current government employees. Use the filters on the job posting page to narrow the results to your needs.

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