IT manager roles can be hard to find

There are many engineers who have been working for 10 years and are aiming for promotion to managerial positions.

Many IT administrators want to move away from their current roles, even if it means changing environments. Many of these members already have more than 10 years of management experience.

As a result, the market for management positions is crowded, while highly professional and technical specialist positions are extremely difficult to fill.

Last week, I spoke with an IT manager who has held management positions for the past 25 years. I was asking him how he got on with his career (he’s now his IT manager in manufacturing).

His story was familiar. He was headhunted for an IT management position thanks to his ERP system expertise gained in his ERP consulting work prior to becoming a manager. If you replace “ERP system” with specialized technology here, you’ll understand what I mean.

Employers cannot interview all applicants for IT management positions. I need a way to filter those resumes. They usually do that by looking for similar industry experience or similar technology experience.

If they’re doing an ERP upgrade and you’ve had that ERP migration experience, you’ll be at the top of the CV pile.

Hiring in this way will not find the best managers.

Nor does it mean that they are the most culturally compatible with the company.

What that means is that we win the best among applicants with similar technical or industry experience.

So if you’re looking for an IT manager role, be smart and approach companies with the industry experience and technical expertise you need.

Also, consider recording a video of yourself and sending it along with your resume so they can see what your presentation and communication style is like. Talk about the values ​​and philosophies of the management team and get them to appreciate more than just a resume.

Over the years, I have recorded video interviews of candidates and sent them to clients along with their resumes, and have seen a noticeable difference in speeding up hiring and attracting more qualified talent for all involved. was given.

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