Internship for NHAI Faculty of Science and Engineering/MSc Civil Engineering Students

NyaiInternship Opportunities for B.Tech/M.Tech Civil Engineering Science Students in National Highway Projects

See Department Circular File No. RW/NH-36098/03/2022-S&R(P&B) dated May 10, 2022 (copy enclosed) on the above subject matter.

Recruitment Notice NHAI Internship for Faculty of Science and Engineering/Master’s Program in Civil Engineering

Based on the aforementioned circular, the following contents enclosed as Attachment-1 are requested to be posted on the official websites of the Ministry of Health, NHAI and NHIDCL.

Internship for B.Tech/M.Tech civil engineering students in a national highway project

Apply for NHAI Internship for B.Tech/M.Tech Civil Engineering Students

MoRTH (Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways) decided to offer internship opportunities to final year B.Tech/M.Tech civil engineering students from IIT, NIT and government/private engineering colleges in a national highway project. A total of 100 people, 75 from B.Tech and 25 from M.Tech, will be selected for the internship program. The internship duration is a minimum of 3 months and is assigned to contractors and consultants on specific highway projects for a minimum of 12 weeks. Interns learn through hands-on experience.

To apply for an internship, students must submit an application online on the AIGTE portal and be qualified as a final year student (B.Tech/M.Tech) certified by the relevant Dean/Principal/Dean. You must provide relevant details including status. Institute. Her CGPA of 7.0 for the completed semester is required to be eligible for the internship (a score of 70% is considered equivalent to her CGPA of 7.0). Completed applications must be submitted online by July 15, 2073.

Vacancies Notice NHAI Internship for Science and Engineering/MSc Civil Engineering Students

The ministry will narrow the applicants to a shortlist and assign them to various national highway projects under the ministry’s implementing agencies, including NHAI, NHIDCL, BRO and state disabled persons. Selection is purely based on merit, split between a B.Tech student and her M.Tech student.

During the internship, the implementing agency of the ministry will offer a scholarship of Rs.100 crore. 10,000/- per month for undergraduate students. 15,000/- per month for graduate students. Interns will also be provided with suitable accommodation and transportation.

At the end of the internship, mid-term and final evaluations will be conducted. Only candidates who successfully complete the internship will be issued an internship certificate. The evaluation process included an internship learning and experience presentation (20 points), an internship learning and experience report (40 points), a general evaluation by the contractor/concessionaire project manager (10 points), an AE/concession Includes team leader for the session. IE/PMC (10 points), and her NHAI/NHIDCL/BRO/State Disabled her PD/EE (10 points). Attendance will also be assessed and a score of 10 will be assigned. The minimum passing score is 75. RO, MoRTH/N

HAI/NHIDCL/SE, BRO will evaluate presentations and reports, award points and make final decision on issuing internship certificate based on total score.

Internships will be offered to selected students based on academic availability and academic schedules for academic year 2023-2074.

MoRTH aims to foster and develop the skills and knowledge of young civil engineering talents by providing internship opportunities in national highway projects. This initiative will contribute to the growth and development of the entire Indian infrastructure sector.

For more information and updates, interested students are encouraged to refer to the official websites of the ministry, NHAI and NHIDCL.

Make the most of this opportunity to gain valuable experience and contribute to the development of the country’s infrastructure. Apply for an internship and pave the way for a promising career in civil engineering.

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