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Securing a promotion is a significant career milestone, and rightly so! It brings new and well-deserved opportunities, challenges, responsibilities, and exposure. Achieving a promotion isn’t just about excelling in your job, it’ll take some preparation to make sure that it comes to fruition, that you stand out and demonstrate readiness for the next step.

Looking to take the next step in your career journey? We asked Raghavi Kirouchenaradjou, Senior Software Engineer at HubSpot to share how she prepared herself for her most recent promotion from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer so that you can do the same. Over to Raghavi…

Hi, I’m Raghavi, I have been at HubSpot for two years now. I am primarily a backend engineer but I have also worked on a few front-end projects before. Six months into my journey at HubSpot, I realized I wanted to move into a Senior Software Engineer role and started working toward advancing. The following tips greatly helped.

  1. Feedback
    I actively sought feedback from my team lead, manager, and peers on areas where I could improve. I wanted to ensure that I was performing at my best and delivering high-quality work. After receiving their feedback, I made a conscious effort to work on improving myself in those areas. I spent time researching best practices and seeking advice from colleagues and mentors to help me grow personally and professionally.
  2. Taking on additional responsibilities
    I started taking on additional responsibilities that were outside of my comfort zone. This decision helped me to gain experience in different areas which was invaluable for my growth. By taking on tasks that were beyond my expertise, I acquired new skills and demonstrated a willingness to tackle new challenges and a growth mindset.
  3. Communicating my goals
    I informed my team lead that I was interested in a promotion and explained why I believe that I’m ready for the next level. I highlighted the projects that I have worked on, the skills that I have acquired, and the contributions that I have made to the team. I also expressed enthusiasm for taking on more responsibilities and challenges, and my commitment to continuous learning and development. My team lead provided exceptional leadership and mentorship and was instrumental in my professional growth. He not only recognized my potential but ensured that I was given the right opportunities to showcase my skills and progress within the team.
  4. Worked on Continuous Self Improvement
    I firmly believe that there is always room for improvement, no matter how skilled or experienced one might be. I started by tracking my accomplishments on a regular basis, which has helped me keep track of my progress and stay motivated. In addition to these practices, I have also started planning my day more effectively by creating a to-do list of the most important tasks and prioritizing them based on their level of importance. This has helped me stay organized and focused throughout the day and has allowed me to make the most of my time.

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