Finding Public Service Opportunities in Tarrant County: A Guide to Government Jobs

Be creative with your approach. It’s helpful to check the online job listings for the position you’re interested in to see what’s expected of the role. Use those expectations to find out where you have already performed these duties in your past roles.

Go through each past employer and only list responsibilities that match the field you are applying for. This is what employers want to see. Sure, your other experience is important, but if it doesn’t apply to the position you’re applying for, it doesn’t look like you’re qualified.

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cover letter

Do you plan to include a cover letter?

If not, don’t expect to get that far. A cover letter is like a handshake when applying for a job. Do your best to make a great first impression.

What is a strong cover letter?

Don’t treat your cover letter like a resume. Your application already includes your past work experience. No need to include it here.

Your cover letter is essentially your sales pitch.

How well can you market yourself?

Tell your employer why you’re perfect for the role and what you can achieve. Let’s dig a little deeper into our own experience. But only if it applies to your job.

Be sure to include a cover letter, whether you’re applying for the Texas Department of Education, city manager, crew leader, government, administrative or public health positions.

Best online resource for finding government jobs in Tarrant County

Tarrant County is a melting pot of government jobs. Hundreds of positions are currently open.

So where do you find them?

You can search countless job sites that combine both government and non-government jobs. Or you can save time and energy and go straight to the source.

At Careers in Government, we pride ourselves on providing the best and modern government jobs available online.

To use our site, you must enter “County of Tarrant” directly into the location search bar on our home page. From there, you’ll be presented with a long list of government job postings to choose from.

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