Day in the Life – Cameron Bruns Ewing, Inbound Success Coach, Global Team Lead

Cameron Brands Ewing has mastered this axis from law firms to sustainable e-commerce to marketing communications to the present day. Selling on HubSpot. In that role, she coaches and enables Inbound Her Success Coaches (ISCs) around the world.

Get to know Cameron!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to HubSpot?

My career has been a winding road!

I graduated with a government degree, moved to Boston, and worked in a law firm for three years while deciding whether to attend law school. Ultimately, I concluded that law was too reactive for me, so I instead pursued a role in driving more positive change in the world around us. I helped launch an e-commerce company selling sustainable household products, and over the next several years managed marketing and communications for a global environmental organization.

Around this time, my partner was offered the opportunity to move to Ireland for a role in a company we are all familiar with, Hubspot. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to move abroad. I needed a job when I got to Ireland, and by then I had heard so many great things about HubSpot that I decided to pivot my career and landed an entry-level role as an inbound success coach on HubSpot’s sales team. bottom. After a few transitions, he has found success in 2020 as the President’s Club winner. Now he is giving back to the team as his leader, and he is focused on leading and realizing ISC around the world.

Describe a typical day in your role.

As a mom, I always start my day by making my daughter’s breakfast, dressing her, and packing her things for daycare. Then, at about 8:30 a.m., I can finally sit down, have a cup of coffee, and start thinking about my slacks. I’m an “inbox 0” person, so if I go through all the blockages and emails first, I can create a to-do list and stay focused for the rest of the day. I live by my Google Tasks to-do list.

My workload and number of meetings varies from week to week depending on the projects I’m working on and the new enablement content I’m helping roll out to my team. I typically do 3-4 project-based meetings a day and spend the rest of my time building content, managing communications, or providing live support to people on the channel (managing HubSpot’s live chat! ). I usually have lunch at my desk so I can take a long break for a proton ride or shower in the afternoon. Being able to do this while my daughter is still in daycare helps me stay sane.

Balance meeting time and focus time in the afternoon. I finish work around 5pm and spend the night completely away from work to spend quality time with my family.

IMG_3280 - Cameron Bruns Ewing

Tell us about the problem you are currently trying to solve.

One of the main projects I’ve been working on for the Inbound Success Coach (ISC) team is how to measure the quality of the team’s conversations in live chat. HubSpot doesn’t have the quantitative aspects of ISC’s work (response speed to incoming chats, number of chats, number of chats handed off to the sales team, etc.), but it previously didn’t have a standard quality assurance model. That’s what I’ve been working on building with one of my colleagues over the past few months.

How do you solve it for your customers?

I help HubSpot customers (and It solves the problem for future customers too!).

In your own words, what makes working in the tech industry at HubSpot unique?

I’ve worked in many different industries, but HubSpot is by far the fastest-paced. There is always a lot going on. It’s really inspiring to be surrounded by so much passion, so many ideas, and such a consistent high level of excitement.

IMG_4443 - Cameron Bruns Ewing

Are there any industry trends or topics that are exciting to you right now?

Chat AI! ! ! Having worked in the world of human-run chat for the past four years, I am very interested in where generative AI will take us. Chat is a very useful platform for users, and there is huge potential for how AI chat can shape how business challenges are managed.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of HubSpot?

I love spending time with my daughter as much as possible! She attends nursery 40 hours a week, so I really enjoy my evenings and weekends with her. Once she’s in bed, I can check out my favorite Bravo shows and chat about them on her HubSpot Slack channel, which is dedicated to her Bravo fans. it’s the best. My husband and I both love hiking and visiting local breweries.

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