Customer service keywords for resume writing

Using the right customer service keywords in your resume is key to getting your customer service resume noticed and read by potential employers.

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Keywords for your customer service resume are words and phrases that are directly related to your customer service job opportunity and include your job function, skills, experience, and knowledge. These keywords have been identified and selected by employers as important to their job performance.

Employers look for these keywords when reviewing stacks of resumes. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which many employers use to screen resumes, filter out or down-rank resumes that lack the right keywords.

Each industry and occupation has its own keywords. Companies and recruiters are searching resumes for these specific keywords in order to find suitable job candidates. Incorporating the best customer service resume keywords into your resume will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

How do I identify the right customer service keywords to optimize my resume?

Identify the right keywords to highlight in your customer service resume by taking these five essential steps:

1. Carefully Consider Job Postings

Review the customer service job description and identify your most important duties and responsibilities. Review job seeker requirements and identify the most important skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience needed to perform the job. Make sure to use these specific keywords on the first page of your resume.

Job postings may be brief and not enough information provided. In this case, research similar job listings to find the right customer service keywords you can use in your resume.

2. Consider the skills that are in demand in your company or industry

Check your company’s website or LinkedIn page to identify keywords for potential resumes. These include keywords such as “teamwork” and “social responsibility” that emphasize cultural alignment with the company.

3. Include tools and techniques related to customer service

Use your knowledge of customer service roles to include specific resume keywords that highlight your technical skills.

4. Divide Keywords into Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

Create a list of keywords in your customer service resume that you have identified using these categories. Once you have your customer service keywords organized, you can include them under the correct headings and in the appropriate sections of your resume using the exact wording you identified in your research. Always update your customer service keywords on each résumé you submit to make sure they match the role and company you’re targeting.

5. Use the correct job title for the position

Companies may use different job titles for the same job title. Adjust the job titles you use in your resume to match the job keywords of the role you are applying for. Avoid overestimating the responsibilities of the position you hold.

Most Common Customer Service Resume Keywords

These are the keywords most frequently used in customer service job listings.

Keywords for Customer Service Resume – Soft Skills (Interpersonal Skills, Personality Traits, Behavior)

time management


planning and operation

problem analysis

problem solving

attention to detail


communication skills




decision making





Capacity to adapt

awareness of diversity





self motivation





Keywords for Customer Service Resume – Hard Skills (technical skills developed through education and experience)

Customer verification

customer support

customer retention

customer satisfaction

customer survey

After-sales support

Pre-sales support

customer reaction



Schedule settings

data entry

data management


order processing

Policies and Procedures

Process improvement

product knowledge

sales techniques




telemarketing sales

negotiation techniques

computer skills

microsoft office

customer service software

online application

language skills

call resolution

How do I use customer service keywords in my resume?

Don’t just list customer service keywords on your resume. Highlight them using bullet points with complementary examples. You may find the customer service keywords on the resume example below helpful.

Schedule settings

  • Schedule service calls for customers and update databases

order processing

  • Accurately fulfill X or more customer orders per hour

product knowledge

  • Maintain and build product knowledge by participating in training programs

customer satisfaction

  • Achieved an average customer satisfaction rating of X% to date

customer reaction

  • Respond to customer requests involving debit cards, stop payments…

customer retention

  • Build and grow relationships with existing customers to achieve customer retention goals


  • Adhere to standards of professional conduct such as attendance and ethical communication


  • Can multitask and switch between multiple screens and systems


  • Communicate on the phone with up to X customers per day to provide detailed and personalized service
  • Excellent written communication and reading comprehension, able to accurately and professionally assess and reply to customer emails


  • Accurately process X detailed customer orders per day

stress tolerance

  • Demonstrated ability to work well under stress and to be polite and patient even when customers are upset


  • Understand customer concerns and be able to help in a competent and empathetic way


  • Recognize opportunities to inform you about special offers and related service upsells to add value to your customers

problem solving

  • Respond to customer issues, provide appropriate solutions and follow up to ensure satisfactory resolution.


  • Worked with a multidisciplinary team of X employees to improve customer response times

computer skills

  • Deep working knowledge of XYZ Software
  • Familiarity with advanced MS Office such as word processor, spreadsheet and database applications

Policies and Procedures

  • Comply with regulations and company policies and procedures to ensure full compliance


  • Investigate complex customer issues and provide customers with more comprehensive services

time management

  • Efficient time management for handling X calls each day, including handling new customers, retrieving customer data, presenting product information, and resolving issues

Tips for Using Customer Service Keywords in Resume Writing

  • Use as many keywords as possible. It’s important that your resume is readable and non-duplicative, but it’s a good idea to include as many relevant keywords as possible. Only use keywords that match your skills and qualifications and your job.
  • You can use different versions of keywords to ensure they are picked up by ATS. For example, ATS may be programmed to scan for the word “troubleshooting”. You may have used the phrase “Problem Solving” in your customer service resume. You can use “accuracy” instead of “attention to detail”. Using different versions of the keyword ensures that ATS recognizes it.
  • Placing the most important keywords at the beginning of your resume, for example in an objective statement, will immediately emphasize your suitability.
  • Use the right customer service resume keywords in your customer service cover letter to convince your readers of your suitability.

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