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Remember the saga last year where the person who showed up to do the job wasn’t the same person who interviewed for it? Wondering how they pulled that off?

A reader recently forwarded me an email her spouse received from a company whose entire business model seems to be that they’ll pay you to get fraudulently hired for jobs that you then (mostly) don’t actually work. Read on.

Hi [redacted],

Hope all is well with you. This is [redacted], the CEO of [redacted company name], a software development company based in Atlanta. Nowadays, we are receiving an overwhelming number of offers, and we are experiencing a lack of talented resources who can effectively communicate with clients.

We see that you are a developer with expertise that matches our needs. We are interested in offering you a non-stop ongoing contract, which is flexible based on your availability.

Your responsibilities will include taking calls with recruiters, HR managers, or teams before and after securing a job. You will be representing yourself on a call, and the actual development work will be delivered by [redacted company name]. We will be responsible for handling everything else and also assist you with every call.

Regarding compensation for you to speak on interviews (that we will assist you to pass), we will pay you on an hourly basis until we win a job. Once we secure a job, you will be expected to take a daily or a weekly scrum meeting, depending on their team culture. You will take the 25% of income from the job for taking these calls.

Given our ability to manage multiple jobs at once, if you handle calls for multiple jobs, this position offers you an exciting and stable income.

I am interested in speaking with you to discuss this partnership further.

Well then.

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